7 killed in January 17th demonstrations in Sudan

The Sudan Doctors Committee revealed that 7 protesters met their fate during the January 17th mass demonstrations in Sudan.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

7 protesters were killed by the security forces’ excessive use of violence during the Monday mass demonstrations that took place earlier today.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors released a statement revealing that “four protesters were murdered today in the massacre that the security forces had committed when it cracked down on our people’s peaceful protests, raising the total number of deaths in the January 17th demonstrations to 7.”

The committee also reported that “about a hundred injuries caused by live bullets and other weapons of oppression” had also been recorded.

As of the moment of writing this report, no new deaths have been recorded.

Today, Monday, thousands of Sudanese people took to the streets to protest against Abdel Fatah al-Burhan’s 25th October coup, the coup regime’s incessant use of lethal means of cracking down on peaceful protesters, and calling for a civilian-run state.

Security forces deployed tear gas and sound bombs against protesters, before resorting to using live bullets to disperse them, killing a total of 7 in the process.

On social media, numerous Sudanese netizens on Twitter and Facebook called for civil disobedience as a new measure of combating the putschist regime, in response to the events of today and in order to help minimize bloodshed.

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