Egyptian embassy in Khartoum denies visa stoppage talks

The Consul General at the Egyptian embassy in Khartoum confirmed today Thursday that no decision to suspend entry visas for Sudanese nationals was issued.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum denied that it had issued a decision to stop granting entry visas to Sudanese nationals, saying that visas were still being issued.

“We have not issued any decision to stop entry visas for Sudanese people,” said Ahmed Adly Imam, Consul General at the Egyptian embassy.

News had earlier circulated on social media regarding the Egyptian embassy’s suspension of visas for the Sudanese.

The news stated that the move came in response to the closure of the road linking Egypt and Sudan in response to newly announced –now reversed— decision made by the sovereignty council to increase electricity tariffs, which disrupted the importing/exporting process between the two nations.

Hossam Issa, Egyptian ambassador to Sudan, affirmed Egypt’s keenness on making it easier for Sudanese individuals to get into Egypt, “as an embodiment of the ties between the two countries” as stated by Sudanese newspapers.

Issa noted that strengthening relations between Egypt and Sudan the government at Cairo is keen on.

Egypt grants its entry visas to Sudanese citizens free of charge, with women, and men over the age of 50, being exempt from having to obtain a visa.

In 2004, Sudan and Egypt signed the Four Freedom Agreement, which grants “freedom of ownership, movement, residence, and work” for citizens from both countries.

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