Ethiopian Prime Minister makes new invitation for GERD cooperation

The Ethiopian Prime Minister made it clear that the Nile waters can be developed into a reasonable and equitable source of benefit for all the people in the riparian states.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on Sudan and Egypt to benefit from the Renaissance Dam, and to build peace, cooperation, mutual coexistence, and development, without harming each other.

Ahmed said in a statement on Thursday that his country has ambitions to build a modern economy based on agriculture, manufacturing, and industry.

He noted that it is committed to developing social infrastructure with quality education, health systems, and clean water for its people.

Ahmed explained that the waters of the Nile can be developed in a reasonable and equitable manner for the benefit of all the peoples of the riparian countries, without causing great harm.

“Egypt can benefit from saving water at the Renaissance Dam instead of wasting billions of cubic meters of water through evaporation,” he said.

He pointed out that 53% of Ethiopia’s population –which is equivalent to about 60 million Ethiopians – do not have access to electricity.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister stated that the Renaissance Dam, as a source of renewable energy, will help reduce emissions that could help avoid up to 10.6 million tons of greenhouse gases.

He stressed Renaissance Dam’s development plays an important role in increasing the share of renewable energy towards the seventh goal among sustainable development goals.

In addition to improving water management for the sixth goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as helping to meet many of the goals of Africa’s Agenda 2063 for the Nile region and all its citizens.

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