Lawyer reveals suspects were tortured during questioning

Claims their arrest was to gather information on revolutionary group

A volunteer lawyer revealed that the detainees, Mohamed Adam, known as “Tupac” and Ahmed Al-Fateh, known as “Al-Nannah”, were tortured during interrogation by the security forces.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The security forces accused Tupac, 17, and Al-Nannah, 18, of being involved in the killing of a brigadier general of the Sudanese police during the protests that took place in the Sudanese capital on January 13.

Lawyer Rana Abdel Ghaffar told Al-Jarida newspaper today, Sunday, that the two detainees were tortured during interrogation.

She explained that the two suspects were beaten during their detention for about 7 days.

She pointed out that the investigation did not address the police officer’s killing at all, and that the questions were limited to the “Ghadiboun” group –a group active in the revolutionary movement– their sources of funding, who incites them to take to the streets, and “who supplies them with drugs”.

Abdul Ghaffar stressed that accusing the detainees of killing the police officer only served as a pretext to arrest them and try to get information about Ghadiboun.

For her part, the mother of detainee Muhammad Adam (Tupac), Nidal Yaqoub, told Al-Jarida that the security authorities categorically refused to allow her to see her son or hear his voice, despite the fact that he was in a wheelchair after having been shot twice in the foot, and suffers from high blood pressure.

Tupac’s mother expressed her fear that he would not get the necessary health care.

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