Sudan: Head of “No to the oppression of women” initiative arrested, whereabouts unknown

According to the “No to Oppression against Women” initiative’s Facebook page, a security force raided the house of its president late on Saturday night, and took her to an unknown destination.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The “No to Oppression against women” initiative in Sudan announced the arrest of the initiative’s leader, Amira Othman, around the later hours of Saturday night.

In a post on its Facebook page, the initiative said that a security force raided the house of Amira Othman, head of the No to Women’s Oppression Initiative, in the Riyadh suburb of the capital, Khartoum.

The Facebook post also stated the initiative’s president was taken to an unknown destination, and that the security forces accosting her terrorized her family.

The initiative’s post said that the security services were held responsible for the safety of the detainee.

The post also indicated that “Othman” was still suffering from complications from an accident she was involved in, and she must constantly follow up with her doctor and take her medication.

The “No to Women’s Oppression” initiative is an activist group in the field of women’s rights that was established in 2009 to defend women’s rights during the era of the ousted Omar al-Bashir.

The initiative played an important role during the December revolution, and aims, through its activities, to defend women’s rights by monitoring violations and supporting victims.

Since the October 25 coup, the security services in Sudan have been hunting political activists and civil society leaders.

These arrests aim to curb the activities of those opposed to the coup and impede the popular movement demanding the removal of the military from political power.

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