UN condemns arrest of “No to Women’s Oppression” leader

The arrest of the “No to Women’s Oppression” initiative leader by the coup authorities in Sudan was met with widespread condemnation and anger from the UN, activists, and human rights defenders.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The UN strongly condemned, the arrest of women’s rights activist, Engineer Amira Othman, head of the “No to Oppression of Women” initiative.

Activists and human rights groups demanded the speedy release of her and all other activists, and held the coup authorities responsible for their safety.

The “No to Women’s Oppression” initiative announced in a post on its Facebook page that a security force raided the home of Engineer Amira Othman midnight on Saturday, head of the initiative in the Riyadh suburb of the capital, Khartoum, and took her to an unknown destination.

The post stated that this force had intimidated Amira’s family, and held the security services responsible for her safety.

In the reactions, the United Nations Integrated Mission to Support the Transitional Period in Sudan (UNITAMS) said in a tweet: “We received with great anger the news of the arrest of the women’s rights defender, Amira Othman, last night.”

“Her arrest, and the pattern of violence against women, poses a threat to women’s political participation in Sudan. The authorities should respect the right to freedom of assembly.”

For their part, a number of activists on social networking sites announced their solidarity with Amira Othman, as well as other activists and youth from the Resistance Committees who were detained and forcibly disappeared.

The activists demanded their release and held the coup authorities responsible for their safety and whatever happens to them in their prisons.

In turn, the Women of Freedom and Change platform “Nahat” strongly condemned the arrest of the activist Amira Othman, and the “horrific and barbaric manner in which the arrest was carried out.”

The platform said in a press statement that “the horrific act of the security forces in arresting the leader of the No to Women’s Oppression initiative, and the method of arrest, was an act that does not resemble Sudanese morals or customs that respect the sanctity of families and homes.”

“We condemn these ugly transgressions. We hold the responsibility for what happened and what will happen to the fighter, Amira Othman, on the coup authority and the security services,” the statement added.

“We demand the rapid intervention of all justice and human rights institutions and women’s platforms to [assist in] releasing her immediately and unconditionally.”

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