Electricity back in Port Sudan after Two Weeks

The Director of the Port Sudan station, Eng. Mohamed Musa, announced the return of electricity to the Red Sea State on Wednesday.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Port Sudan station manager, Engineer Mohamed Musa, said that they were able to repair the tower that was involved in a commercial truck collision since the night of the thirteenth of January.

Musa explained that tower’s repair was carried out through 50 workers and two huge cranes, pointing to the hugeness of the tower.

Back Current

Musa announced the return of electricity to the entire state before noon, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Energy and Oil, Eng. Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud, announced that work on the
destroyed tower on the Port Sudan electricity transmission line was going well.

Mahmoud said in a press statement today that maintenance operations were expected to be completed soon.

Two Week Blackout


It is noteworthy that the capital of the Red Sea State and a number of cities in the state remained in complete darkness for two whole weeks, which led to losses estimated at millions of pounds.

The Ministry of Energy and Oil had announced that the Turkish barge in Port Sudan had quit feeding the national electricity grid after the tower crashed.

Activists on social media had signed a memorandum addressed to the Red Sea government, protesting the power outage in Port Sudan.

They called on the authorities to intervene urgently to avoid the damages resulting from what they described as “tampering with the electricity company.”

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