Go’lid resistance committees announce closure of Northern Artery road

The Go’lid Resistance Committees in the northern state announced their continued their continued revolutionary escalation until the fall of the military coup and its participants, and the dropping of the new electricity taxes,
carried out by the Minister of Finance in the coup government, Jibreel Ibrahim.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Resistance Committees in al-Go’lid announced the closure of the “Northern artery” and announced that a
protest march would move from the Go’lid market, passing through the intersection to the street’s closure point.

Electricity issue

The Sudanese Electricity Company suspended the putschist sovereign council’s decision to increase electricity tariffs after the protests that took place in the northern state that led to the closure of the Northern Artery Road.

A number of citizens had confirmed that the Electricity Company had retracted its previous decision and had restored the old tariff today.

On January 1, the company applied an undisclosed increase in electricity prices before a committee assigned by the Sovereignty Council issued a decision to freeze the increase until it was presented to the Council.

A number of protesters have blocked the artery of the North in protest against the increase in electricity prices for the agricultural sector.

The Northern State

A Northern State farmers’ group had threatened to escalate and close all roads leading to the state if the decision to cancel the electricity tariff increase for agricultural projects was not implemented in coordination with the River Nile State.

At the time, a member of the Sovereign Council, Abu al-Qasim Bartam, told AlTaghyeer that the delay in canceling the new increase in electricity tariffs was due to political, not technical, reasons.

On January 1, Sudanese citizens were surprised by a significant increase in electricity prices without explanations from the government.

The government announced earlier that the new budget did not include lifting subsidies on electricity and flour

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