Sudanese police issue two contradictory statements about the killing of one of its officers

The Sudanese police announced, in two contradictory statements, that they had obtained a judicial confession from suspects whose defense representatives confirmed that they had been tortured and forced to make a confession.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

According to the Sudanese police statement, issued Tuesday night and later withdrawn, “on January 13, 2022, Brigadier General Ali Muhammad Berima was subjected to a treacherous stab in the left forearm by a protester with a knife in his possession.”

The police’s account read that “while Brima was passing by forces operating at the outposts in the central Khartoum area and securing strategic and sovereign sites, and upon his arrival to Al-Qasr Street next to the Stak medical lab, he came upon a scuffle security between the forces and the demonstrators. [Berima] got off his patrol, put on a helmet and addressed the demonstrators with the phrase “peaceful, peaceful,” and then was fatally stabbed with a knife (in the forearm of the left hand and in the back), which caused severe bleeding that led to his death while being treated at the hospital.”

Contradictory Statements


On the eve of the incident, the Director of the Police Media and Public Relations Department, Brigadier General Hassan AlTijani, said that Berima had been stabbed to death by a group of “unruly and professional people, near the Stak Factory, the moment he rescued one of his wounded soldiers.”

The earlier statement specified the timing of Berima’s “killing” as coinciding with the demonstrators’ exit in a declared million, next to the Astak factory in central Khartoum, before indicating that another policeman was
stabbed at the scene of the accident.

In the second statement, it said that the incident occurred during the scuffle protesters and police forces.
According to the retracted statement, the Presidency of the Police Forces and the Presidency of the Khartoum State Police formed a team from the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigations, with the support of the “competent departments”, to uncover the causes of the accident, and to clarify the “absent facts” to public opinion.

According to the statement, the forces were able to pursue the suspects and reach their hideout, noting that after arresting a number of suspects and subjecting them to investigation, they confessed to committing the crime.



As for the second statement, it stated that after the arrest of a number of suspects and investigations, the accused confessed to committing the crime.

As per the statement, after searching the suspects’ hideout, sums of foreign currency (dollars) and military equipment (head helmets – masks, tear gas – knives with blood stains on them and personal belongings) were found.

The withdrawn statement confirmed the suspects were lined up and witnesses recognized the suspects “in all stages of the lineup.”

The witnesses provided an “accurate description” of the defendants, including the clothes they were wearing and the tools they had at the time of the crime.

“They confessed to stabbing the victim and instructed the tools of the crime, and they were seized as exhibits,” the statement continued.

The defendants also admitted that they dealt with a “doctor” referred to by the letter “G”, and that she was working to support them financially, through donations she receives from abroad.

The statement pointed out that all necessary technical measures were taken, and a judicial confession was recorded for the accused.

The statement stressed that the police are able to impose “the prestige of the state” and the rule of law, and that they “will not shy away” from using their legal powers to deter and resolve all manifestations of abuse and
negative behaviors.

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