Ethiopian government says African Union summit “proof” it has overcome internal issues

According to the Minister of the Ethiopian Government Communication Services Office, the member states of the African Union decided to hold the summit in Addis Ababa in accordance with the union’s rules and principles.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

The Ethiopian government said that holding the 35th summit of the African Union, to be hosted in its capital, confirms that the country has overcome its internal problems.

The Minister of Government Communication Services Office, Legacy Tolo, held a press conference on Thursday during which he discussed latest developments in the country.

The government spokesperson indicated that there were great efforts to prevent holding the African Union Summit in Addis.

However, member states of the union decided to hold the conference in Addis Ababa in accordance with the rules and principles of the African Union.

The Minister praised the commitment and solidarity of the AU member states with Ethiopia in their decision to hold the summit in the Ethiopian capital.

He noted that Ethiopia has peacefully hosted huge celebrations and events in recent weeks.

Tolo said that the government has been working hard to respond to the humanitarian needs in the drought-affected areas.

He added that the partner states’ assistance was necessary because the situation cannot be resolved with the government’s efforts alone.

The minister indicated that the Council of Ministers had also decided upon shortening the period of implementing the state of emergency before its expiry, taking into account various issues.

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