Lebanese authorities intercept drug shipment to Sudan

The Lebanese authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle 12 tons of drugs hidden in boxes of powdered juice that were on their way to Sudan as a first stop.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

The Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi, announced that the authorities have seized about 12 tons of drugs destined for Sudan.

Al-Mawlawi revealed, according to what was published on the Lebanese website Al-Nashra, “a new operation in which the security services prove their determination to combat drug smuggling outside Lebanon.”

“The Anti-Narcotics Office of the Judicial Police, in cooperation with the Anti-Narcotics Division at Customs, managed to seize about 12 tons of drugs camouflaged in boxes of powder juice headed to Sudan.”

The Lebanese Minister of Interior pointed out, in a statement, that “investigations continue to reveal all the content of the shipment and the circumstances of the operation, and we will spare no effort to thwart all smuggling operations and prevent harm and evil from our Arab brothers.”

He stated that the head of the control office, Colonel Bashar al-Khatib, supervised the raid, in which it is likely that other prohibited items on board the same ship could be detected.

The head of the Lebanese Judicial Police, Brigadier General Maher al-Halabi, personally attended the raid spot and inspected the seizures.

It is expected that there al-Mawlawi will also personally inspect the raid location to expand on the data of this operation, which is considered one of the largest operations in the current stage at the level of the seizures.

Over the years, the Sudanese authorities have been complaining of smuggled drugs, weapons, gold, and regional gangs’ activity.

 A number of large seizures have been made, especially of many types of drugs which sometimes came in full containers, coming from other countries.

Sudan suffers from gangs smuggling drugs, weapons, currencies and people, as it is a transit country from African countries and others to Egypt and North Africa and from there to Europe, and it is considered an important station for many drug dealers.

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