Committee starts probing protester violations

A government committee formed by the Sudanese Public Prosecutor began investigating the violations that occurred during the revolutionary processions since the military coup took place on October 25th.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The committee announced that it has started its work and received complaints, communications, and reports regarding violations against protesters.

The committee was formed by a decision of the Attorney General of the Republic of Sudan

Since Al-Burhan’s coup, about “20” mass demonstrations have come out rejecting the coup and demanding the restoration of the civil and democratic path.

More than “70” people have been killed, and over “2000” were injured during these demonstrations, in addition to those detained and those made to disappear disappeared.

According to a statement from the head of the committee, al-Taher Abdul Rahman Muhammad, the committee called on “everyone who has a grievance, statement or evidence” to submit it to the committee at its headquarters in the Martyrs and Violation Claims Prosecution.

The committee confirmed that it is committed to the Public Prosecutor’s circular regarding the procedures for protecting witnesses and whistleblowers.

They also appealed to all blood guardians to take care of the autopsy of the body because it is the first step in preserving rights.

Despite the formation of a number of investigation committees into the violations that occurred before and after the October 25th coup against the revolutionaries and peaceful demonstrators, most of them did not reach results or did not announce their findings.

Some even came out with findings of questionable accuracy and credibility, most notably the investigation committee into the dispersal of the sit-in of the General Command.

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