Khartoum “Health” announces third dose of COVID vaccine available

The Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Khartoum State, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Qaim, stressed the need to control the procedures for immunization operations against “COVID-19” so that the campaigns go according to plan and not be affected by the logistical operations.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Ministry of Health in Khartoum held its periodic Emergency and Epidemiology Committee meeting to discuss the health situation in the state.

The Director of the Immunization Department at the Ministry, Dr. Jamal Muhammad Othman, agreed on the introduction of the third basic dose of COVID-19 vaccines early next February for people with immune diseases such as tumors, kidneys and liver, and the booster dose for people over 45 years who have chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure.

Changing Strategies

Jamal stressed that some strategies will be changed in the upcoming campaigns so that they can reach the desired goal.

The Director of the General Department of Health Promotion at the Ministry, Dr. Salah al-Din Hassan Haj Musa, said that the vaccinations in the previous campaign were for the inmates of Al-Huda Prison, Omdurman Women’s Prison, the nursing homes, the elderly and elderly women’s homes.

In addition to visits to the Khalawis of Sheikh al-Tayeb east of the capital, Khartoum, and the neighboring villages, in conjunction with the visit of Khalawi and Masid Sheikh Abdul Rahim Al-Rakini in the locality of Jebel Awlia, south of Khartoum.

In the same vein, the Director of Malaria Department at the Ministry of Health, Khartoum, Dr. Bashir Adam, stressed on the need to provide mobility and manpower, pointing out that malaria has recently spread widely in Khartoum.

Astrezeneca Vaccine

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health of the Sudanese coup government had received 200,000 doses of the Astrezeneca vaccine from the grant provided by the State of Hungary as part of efforts to confront the COVID-19 epidemic.

The shipment was received by the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, Ambassador Siddiq Mohamed Abdullah, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chargé d’Affairs for Hungary in Sudan, Balash Al-Yak, and Director of the International Health Department Dr. Hanadi Ali, and Director of the Minister’s Office, Dr. Sarah Elias.

In press statements, Ibrahim stated that this aid comes within the framework of Hungary’s  initiative to support the Sudanese people, and explained that it includes 200,000doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine.

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