Sudanese police admit protester was killed during Sunday demonstrations

The Sudanese police announced the death of a protester in the demonstrations that took place Sunday, without giving details, while confirming the arrest of dozens described as “rioters”, in a misrepresentation of the events documented by cameras and human rights activists.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Presidency of the Sudanese Police Forces admitted that they “dealt with the demonstrations in  Khartoum” that went out on Sunday in the capital, “especially the Sharwani Bus Stop area”, until the demonstrations ended.

The Sudanese police presidency also revealed that a protester had died, without mentioning how.

On Sunday, thousands of Sudanese came out in the “January 30 millions” demonstrations in solidarity with the detainees and calling for the overthrow of the military coup government, among other demands.

The police press stated that a police captain suffered from a knife wound while dealing with the Khartoum demonstrations, while 62 police employees and 7 protesters were injured.

According to the statement text, 56 “rioters” were also arrested.

The police pointed out that some states witnessed peaceful demonstrations and processions, which were described as “limited and far apart, not needing police intervention.”

The statement accused a number of demonstrators of gathering and storming the central Omdurman precinct and damaging windows, glass, furniture and drinking water coolers in the station.

 “The police forces used tear gas and were able to control the situation,” the statement said.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors confirmed the death of Muhammad Yusuf al-Sheikh, a 27 year old who died of a tear gas canister being launched at his chest.

The Sudanese police routinely denied the occurrence of violations by their employees towards peaceful demonstrators despite circulating audio and video documentation on television and social media.

The number of victims since the October 25 coup has now reached 79.

The police also accused protesters of “deviating from peacefulness and targeting forces and police stations.”

Among other contradictory statements issued regarding the events taking place in and around the procession yards, the police denied the use of live bullets, despite new evidence presented by the investigation committee into the events of the January 17 processions that showed video of the police using live bullets against demonstrators.

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