Minister reveals he “stepped down” after “unconstitutional” decision to appoint him

The coup authorities in Sudan are creating new authoritarian structures as part of endless attempts to legitimize the army’s coup.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sovereignty Council in Sudan assigned Hazar Abd al-Rasoul al-Ajab to run the tasks of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, after Ayman Sayed Selim resigned from the position just hours after he was named, in refusal to give legitimacy to the coup.

Selim described, in statements to AlTaghyeer, the decision to appoint him as “unconstitutional” as it was issued by an unconstitutional body.

In this context, the spokeswoman for the coup Sovereignty Council, Salma Abdul-Jabbar, announced on Monday evening the nomination of two more ministers to complete the government.

It revealed that Mahmoud Sir Al-Khatim Al-Houry was assigned the tasks of the Ministry of Education, and Muhammad Saeed Al-Hilu was assigned the portfolio of the Ministry of Justice.

Abdul-Jabbar’s statements came after a meeting of the Sovereignty Council, led by Lieutenant-General Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan.

The coup authority was unable to name a government that was agreed upon due to its lack of political and popular support.

Abdullah Hamdok’s restoration as Prime Minister did not succeed in stopping the escalation of the protest movements against the coup.

Hamdok later submitted his resignation in response to street pressures and his failure to work with the coup authorities and their allies.

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