Coup authorities in Sudan retract electricity tariff increase for agricultural sector

The coup authorities in Sudan announced their intention to work with the electricity bill, which is widely rejected, by the end of next April.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Monday, the coup authorities in Sudan retracted previous decisions to raise the electricity bill for the agricultural sector.

The authorities raised the electricity bill for all sectors, with the price of a kilowatt in agricultural projects going up to 9 pounds from 1.6 pounds.

The decisions after the escalation of the electricity bill crisis caused the closure of the North Artery Road linking Sudan and Egypt.

A meeting that included the leader of the coup, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and entities and personalities claiming to represent the farmers of the northern state, was held.

The meeting agreed on freezing the electricity price increases until the end of the winter season.

The Minister of Energy participating in the meeting, Muhammad Abdullah, revealed an agreement to open the discussion again regarding the frozen tariff by the end of next April.

He called on farmers and people to “understand the situation in the country and its inability to continue supporting the sector as it once did.”

No official reaction from Turus al-Shamal, party leading the northern road closure, regarding what happened in the meeting.

The coup froze huge projects in the energy sectors, which were on their way to be implemented by the civil authority.

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