Ethiopia announces first GERD electricity generation operations

An official in the government in Ethiopia told Agence France-Presse that Sunday will witness the first operation to generate electricity from the dam, which had caused a dispute with Egypt and Sudan.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

Ethiopia announced the start of power generation from the Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile starts today, Sunday.

Talks held under the auspices of the African Union did not reach a tripartite agreement on filling and operating the dam, and Cairo and Khartoum demanded that Addis Ababa stop filling the dam’s reservoir until an agreement is reached.

The project, at a cost of $4.2 billion, aims to produce more than 5,000 megawatts of electricity, more than twice that of Ethiopia’s electricity production.

An Ethiopian government official told Agence France-Presse that today, Sunday, the first operation to generate electricity from the dam will begin.

Another official confirmed this information, and the two officials requested not to be named in the absence of any official announcement in this regard from the Ethiopian authorities.

Since 2011, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have been negotiating to reach an agreement on filling and operating the dam, but long rounds of negotiations between the three countries have failed in yielding an agreement.

Last September, Egypt and Sudan called for the resumption of negotiations on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis, mediated by the African Union, following a recommendation issued by the UN Security Council in this sense.

Sudan had announced its refusal to return to the Renaissance Dam negotiations without including all the conditions related to the first filling and operation, especially the safety of the Roseires Dam and conducting environmental and social studies.

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