EU announces 40 million euros aid to Sudan

Aid will be mainly directed to those affected in areas of drought, political turmoil and conflict.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The EU announced the provision of humanitarian aid worth 40 million euros to Sudan.

The military coup led to large sums of money and huge projects that were on their way to Sudan being blocked.

 “This humanitarian assistance confirms the commitment of the European Union to support the Sudanese people in areas in need of urgent humanitarian assistance through international agencies,” the UN said in a statement.

The European Commission of the European Union has allocated €294.2 million in emergency humanitarian aid funding to help vulnerable populations in Eastern and Southern Africa in 2022.

“The grave challenges facing vulnerable populations in Eastern and Southern Africa have been exacerbated by extreme weather events, political instability, conflict and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Union Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarcic.

The list of countries that the Union decided to support humanitarianly included Djibouti, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Great Lakes region, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, and the two Sudans.The money will go in addition to helping the affected population, to strengthen disaster prevention and preparedness, and to support school children across the region through emergency education projects.

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