Minister of Finance says economic situation is “bad”

The Minister of Finance in the coup government, Jibreel Ibrahim, described the economic situation in the country as “bad” and “needing treatment.”

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Minister of Finance acknowledged the deterioration of living conditions in the country, pointing out that the political aspect has affected the economy.

Since the coup d’état on the 25 of October last year, Sudan has witnessed terrible economic deterioration.

After the coup, financial institutions suspended their aid to Sudan, which prompted Finance to impose more taxes, fees and levies.

Sudanese Dialogue

Ibrahim, who is also the head of the Justice and Equality Movement, claimed that the current political crisis can be resolved by the Sudanese without any external dictates.

The minister said in an interview that they had also “told this to the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Volker [Perthes].”

He stressed that there is space for dialogue and there are wise people who can bridge the gap between views in Sudan.

Freedom and Change

Jibreel accused a group of the Freedom Forces of being against the Juba Peace Agreement – the agreement that helped bring him to government – and working against it through state agencies, which led to a slowdown in the agreement’s implementation.

“In the Justice and Equality Movement, we do not support the military component, nor freedom and change, and there must be a comprehensive agreement,” he said.

Jibril stressed that the vacuum that the current political vacuum is unacceptable and that a person must “be assigned to the position of prime minister until an agreement is reached.”

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