Security forces at protests continues, two reportedly killed

On Monday, large crowds of Sudanese people participated in new protests to condemn the military coup.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Security forces, once again, have used excessive force, including live and rubber bullets, to disperse peaceful protesters in several Sudanese cities, in the latest mass protests.

The coordinators of the Resistance Committees called on the protesters to participate in the February 21 marches.

Activists observed serious injuries among the protesters, some of which were caused by security forces directly aiming tear gas.

The city of Bahri, north of the capital, witnessed one of the largest gatherings.

Security forces used live bullets, tear gas, and sound bombs extensively to disperse the protesters in the city.

The crowds arriving from the city of Omdurman were confronted with extreme violence, which culminated with the closure of the Shambat bridge linking Omdurman and Bahri.

Activist Nazim Siraj reported that protesters were killed in Bahri at least two of them with live bullets.

He confirmed that they had monitored the case of four protesters being run over by a military vehicle carrying soldiers.

Siraj pointed out that the security forces also prevented the injured from reaching the International Hospital in Bahri.

Participants in the procession complained of looting at the hands of the coup forces.

In Khartoum, a child was killed after being run over by a police car.

Protesters were subjected, as usual, to severe repression in the vicinity of the presidential palace.

Siraj said that 10 protesters in Khartoum were injured by tear gas canisters, including 6 injuries to the head.

In Omdurman, the security forces deployed heavily, and abused protesters and passersby, and raided some homes in the old neighborhoods.

Activists said the putschists had bombed the Taqi Specialized Hospital with tear gas canisters, before attacking it to arrest the injured and their escorts.

On Monday, the protesters came out in several Sudanese cities, including Wad Madani, al-Duweim, and al-Ubayyid.

The next announced mass protest is set to fall on the 28th of this February.

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