Babiker Faisal, head at Federal gathering party, appears at “parents” procession

According to the pictures that the party published on its Facebook page, “Babiker Faisal” appeared with a number of participants in the procession, carrying the flag of the Federal Gathering Party.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The head of the Executive Office of the Federal Gathering Party, Babiker Faisal, appeared in the “fathers and mothers” procession in the Sudanese capital yesterday, after news circulated on social media that the Public Prosecution was seeking his arrest.

According to the pictures published by the party on its Facebook page, “Faisal” appeared with a number of participants in the procession carrying the party’s flag.

The party had categorically denied that the head of its executive office was hiding to evade arrest.

“We confirm that Professor Babiker Faisal is a public figure who practices his political work in full view and hearing of everyone and from the media, and he is stable at his home and continues his political activity from the Federal Assembly House.”

The party accused the putschists, Islamists, and remnants of the annihilated regime of being behind the arrest rumors.

Faisal held a leading position in the Empowerment Removal Committee, which was dissolved by the coup authorities.

The leaders of the coup were not only satisfied with dissolving the committee, but also pursued its leaders with arrests warrants, in addition to returning the employees from the former regime who were dismissed by the committee.

The political situation in Sudan deteriorated after the military coup carried out by the army commander, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, on the morning of last October 25, in which he overthrew his civilian partners in the transitional government.

Following the coup, hundreds of peaceful protesters and leaders of political parties and civil society organizations were arrested.

The military coup ended a political agreement concluded in 2019 between the army and the Alliance of Freedom and Change Forces, which participated in the overthrow of ousted President Omar al-Bashir.

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