Communist party welcomes resistance committees charter

The Communist Party welcomed the charter and said that it comes at a crucial time that requires the unification of the revolutionary forces.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Communist Party said that the Charter for the Establishment of People’s Authority issued by the resistance committees in the state of Khartoum comes at a crucial time to block any political settlement or legitimize the military authority.

The party welcomed it and said that it comes at a crucial for the revolutionary forces to unite and adopt the project for a radical change after the overthrow of the military dictatorship.

In addition, the communist party said the charter will help form the unified center for the leadership of the revolution to block any political settlement, legitimization or partnership.

The party made it clear in a press circular today that the charter opens a door for dialogue between the resistance committees in all parts of Sudan by raising rural issues and uniting the revolutionary social forces in all of Sudan.

It praised what it had described as the collective effort exerted in drafting the charter and broad grassroots participation, to establish a new era of popular democracy in political, economic and social issues.

He confirmed his initiation to study the charter and express an opinion on it in the near future.

On Sunday, coordinators of resistance committees in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, put forward the charter establishing the authority of the people, in an effort to establish a civil, democratic national state and put an end to military coups.

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