Road block committee halts shipment of camels to Egypt

The road block committee, which has been established four days ago, refused to allow the passage of a shipment of camels that was accompanied by a military force for protection.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The “road block committee” sent back 6 trucks loaded with camels from the Atbara road intersection, north of the Sudan, on the way to Egypt.

Marwa Atallah Fadl, a member of the Committee for Expropriation of Rights and Local Development, told Sudanese newspaper Al-Jarida published today that a military force escorted the trucks to protect them, and not to dismantle the road block.

Earlier this month, the farmers’ group and the road block committee had closed the Sharyan al-Shamal road in the areas of Al-Hamadab and Al-Qureir in protest against the increase in the electricity bill.

The protesters raised several demands, most notably the restoration of the electricity tariff to the former price, and the provision of fertilizer for the agricultural season.

In addition to a list of other demands that included the maintenance of the North Artery Road, granting the state its share of private mining and the Meroe Dam, and the construction of two dam canals, in addition to other service demands.

The roadblocks were then removed after employees of the Northern State Farmers Committee were accused of taking over the farmers’ voice, after several attempts to break them up by force were reported.

Sources indicated that the barricades were removed by citizens from outside the area by swords, batons, sticks, and knives.

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