Tarco plane abandoned in Kyiv amid Russian invasion

The Sudanese Tarco Airlines had sent a Boeing 737-400 belonging to its fleet under the Sudanese registry for maintenance in Kyiv.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Russian invasion of Ukraine left a Sudanese plane belong to Tarco air-carrier to be stuck at an airport near the capital, Kyiv, with the engineer accompanying it abandoning the plane.

In mid-February, the Sudanese Tarco Airlines sent a Boeing 737-400 belonging to its fleet for maintenance.

The platform Air Baladna on the social networking site Facebook quoted Othman Al-Sayed, Operations Director of Tarco, as having said that the company usually had its planes maintained in the Kingdom of Jordan.

He explained that the plane was sent to a maintenance center at an airport near the capital, Kyiv, and pointed out that the goal was for the company to establish a second maintenance center.

Al-Sayed pointed out that the outbreak of war in Ukraine affected the maintenance program, and that the engineer who accompanied the plane left Ukraine and will return to Sudan either today, Monday, or tomorrow, Tuesday.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukraine announced the closure of its airspace to civil aviation after Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine.

In a statement on its website, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure announced the closure of the airspace, citing high security risks.

Russia also announced, on Thursday, the closure of its airspace to civilian aircraft on its western borders with Ukraine and Belarus.

The Russian authorities published a warning to the pilots, stating that the “use of the airspace on the western borders of Russia with Ukraine and Belarus has been temporarily suspended, due to the significant threat to the safety of civilian aircraft.”

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