UNITAMS publishes report of consultation outcomes

The UNITAMS report may disappoint those awaiting a solution from the UN, however, the goal of this process, as per UNITAMS, remains in support of a Sudanese solution to the political crisis.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The United Nations Integrated Mission in Support of the Transitional Phase in Sudan (UNITAMS) has published its summary report on the consultations it conducted to get the political process back on track.

The report, which was published today, Thursday, summarized the views and areas of convergence and differences that the mission listened to during 110 consultative meetings with more than 800 participants, one third of whom were women from different parts of Sudan.

In addition, UNITAMS listened to the opinions and areas of convergence and disagreement contained in more than 80 written proposals.

Urgent Issues

The report dealt with the views heard by the mission on pressing issues in the Sudanese crisis, such as the relationship between civilians and the military, the Sovereignty Council, the executive authorities, and the Legislative Council.

In addition to setting the Juba Peace Agreement, security sector reform, women’s rights and participation, transitional justice, constitution-making, elections.

In a statement following the publication of the report, the mission said that it would help formulate and design the next phase of the process to get out of the current political impasse.

The report’s notable finding was that, despite the difference of opinions, there were several areas of convergence.

Similar Fears

UNITAMS pointed out that most of the consultants identified similar concerns arising from the recent period, in addition to identifying areas of consensus and disagreement among the interlocutors with whom the mission consulted.

The statement stressed that the UN remains with no position on these views and opinions, but stated that the opinions will help lead to the next stages of the political process.

It pointed out that the October 25, 2021 coup constituted a major setback in terms of achieving the desired goals during the transitional period in Sudan.

Nevertheless, UNITAMS hoped that the Sudanese will be able to get back on the transitional path and achieve civil and democratic transformation by drawing on the experiences of the past and focusing on the future.

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