Attempt at assassinating Ukrainian president thwarted

Speaking after the assassination attempt, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky assured that Russia was not going to win this war with bombs and airstrikes.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

The Ukrainian National Defense and Security Council president Oleksy Danilov announced that Ukrainian troops have thwarted an attempt by Russian forces to assassinate president Zelensky.

The announcement warned of Russian fringe groups making their way into Kyiv trying to hunt down the Ukrainian president and his family.

 Danilov confirmed that a special force unit consisting of Chechen fighters was behind the assassination attempt, and that the force has been “completely destroyed.”

During an address after the attempt, Zelensky said that Russia was not going to win the war with bombs and airstrikes.

He also revealed that six thousand Russian troopers had met their demise since the beginning of the invasion.

Russia has been leading a very violent offensive against the Ukraine that has entered its seventh day after news emerged with Ukraine’s intent of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Despite heavy sanctions being levied against the Russian Federation by western countries, the Russian aggression against Ukraine still continues.

“They [Russians] do not know anything about Kyiv, about our history because they all have been given orders to erase our history, our country, and all of us,” the Ukrainian president said.

Zelensky encouraged countries around the world not to stand by neutrally and to take action.

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