Electricity Company in Sudan admits to shortcomings

The Electricity Company in Sudan admitted that there was a shortfall between supply and demand, and said that it was causing day and night power outages.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Electricity Holding Company attributed the recent power cuts to a deficit between the current electricity production of consumer needs.

Electricity cuts returned in the capital, Khartoum, and other cities, recently, after a short-lived improvement in supply during the past months.

The Sudan News Agency quoted the Director-General of the Sudanese Electricity Holding Company, Othman Daw al-Bait, as saying today that the power interruptions were caused by the current production deficit.

Daw al-Bait said he was disturbed by the rumors spread by some through social media about the programming of the power cuts.

According to the agency, an official source said that the power cuts will be programmed for three hours during the day and two at night.

The source pointed out that the available electricity production is distributed to the residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors, and acknowledged the existence of a deficit between production and consumption.

Earlier, an official in the Electricity Holding Company revealed that the most important reasons for the return of power cuts are the significant shortcomings in the maintenance operations of generation plants and electricity transmission networks, in addition to the accumulated debts and the suspension of companies importing spare parts as a result of debts not being paid.

The official called on the Ministry of Finance to commit to paying and scheduling the debts, and said that the debts owed by the state were not large, as the sector needed “30” million dollars, which is the amount required to solve the problem.

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