Diplomats condemn coup authority over suppressing freedoms

A statement issued by diplomatic missions called on the coup authorities to fulfill the obligations related to defending freedom of media and expression.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Western ambassadors confirmed, on Monday, that the army’s coup against the civilian authority in Sudan has led to a decline in freedoms in Sudan.

The army had seized power through a coup on the civilian component of the government on October 25th of last year.

The ambassadors said in a statement that Sudan was witnessing a decline in freedom of expression in the media following the army’s seizure of power.

The statement on the status of media freedom and freedom of expression was signed by the ambassadors of the United States of America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

The statement noted the important steps Sudan had taken in the aftermath of the December revolution, to improve its human rights record.

The statement stressed that the army’s seizure of power led to setbacks in the pledges made by the ousted government earlier, primarily recalling the civil government’s signing of the Global Commitment on Media Freedom

It also indicated that there are attempts to limit freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, and there are concerns about attacks on journalists.

The ambassadors urged the military regime to guarantee the safety of journalists, and to respect the right to peaceful assembly and expression.

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