Burhan to UAE on first official visit since coup

Al-Burhan, on his way to the UAE, has thus left on his first publicly announced foreign trip since his military coup against the transitional government in Sudan on October 25.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The leader of the military coup in Sudan, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, left for the UAE capital Abu Dhabi today on an official visit.

This marks Al-Burhan’s first announced foreign trip ever he took the reins of power by overthrowing the civilian transitional government during the October 25th coup.

He was accompanied during the visit by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the coup government in charge of Ali Al-Sadiq, the designated Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Jibreel Ibrahim, as well as the Director of the General Intelligence Service, Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Mufaddal.

On Tuesday, the UAE news website Al-Sharq reported that Al-Burhan also would visit Saudi Arabia, before his return back to Khartoum.

Multiple sources believe that the purpose of the visit is to rearrange the political scene in Sudan after the current tension caused by the military coup.

The political situation in Sudan deteriorated following the military coup carried out by Al-Burhan on October 25 of 2021, in which he overthrew his civilian partners in the transitional government.

Following the coup, many mass protests erupted all over the country, and hundreds of peaceful protesters and leaders of political parties and civil society organizations have been arrested.

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