Commerce chambers reject new economic decisions

The Secretary-General of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Al-Sadiq Jalal Al-Din Saleh, said that the Federation of Chambers did not participate in the latest economic decisions.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Saleh stressed that the economic decisions issued recently did not consult the Federation of Chambers of Commerce prior to their issuing.

The Secretary-General of the Federation revealed in press statements their disapproval of the decision to unify the exchange rate, indicating that it will increase speculation and deepen the already precarious economic crisis.

He pointed out that this decision does not fit with the current situation, but rather complicates it, explaining that the country’s economy has no goals, vision, or future.

Saleh renewed their non-participation in the recent decisions, noting that the union would have contributed differently in the interest of the national economy if it had been involved ir consulted in the matter.

On Monday, the Central Bank of Sudan gave banks and exchanges the freedom to set the appropriate pricing for the pound’s exchange rate against a number of foreign currencies.

It is expected that the decisions will exacerbate the depreciation of the local currency, which fell below 600 pounds against the US dollar in last week’s trading.

The Central Bank said that the new policy would bring about economic stability and increase the banks’ ability to attract resources.

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