Environmental committee reveals mineral looting plans by local and foreign bodies

The National Committee for Environmental Advocacy said that there was a “new attack” on South Kordofan’s resources, part of a large scheme in which local and international bodies are working to loot 5 types of unnamed minerals.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The environmental committee indicated in a statement that there was evidence of movements on the ground by official authorities to seize the private mining sites in the localities of Al-Tadamon, Talodi, Rashad, Abbasiya and Al-Liri, expelling the traditional miners in the process.

It pointed out that the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company (a government company), the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Minerals and others are planning to hold a mining conference (with a scientific cover-up) in the city of Kadugli during March, for the purpose of “camouflaging” the distribution of large (boxes) in the localities of (Al-Tadamon) and (Al-Liri) for foreign guarded mining companies as a down payment.

The committee clarified that the conference organizers deliberately omitted the relevant local communities and land, because they were aware of their stance rejecting the destructive and environmentally harmful practices of the Sudanese company.

According to the statement, during the past few days, citizens monitored the movement of Chevron planes landing in the countryside of Talodi.

The statement stressed that the conditions in the mining areas still lacked safety and security measures, such as what had happened in the Al-Jogour mine in Al-Tadamon locality, where the mine completely collapsed, leaving many victims and two casualties.

 “It has become clear in practice, during the past years, that the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company does not care about the life of the citizen, his health and the safety of his environment, and all of its concern is to obtain or smuggle gold, with clear complicity from influential parties in state agencies and foreign countries, in the absence of complete for official oversight.

The statement also referred to the great dangers that threaten the lives of miners and citizens alike, due to the use of internationally prohibited mercury and cyanide substances without precautions or evaluation.

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