Coup leader concludes his UAE visit

The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali al-Saddiq, revealed new details surrounding the coup leader visit to the UAE, and announced an agreement between both governments to help support the banks in Sudan with substantial sums.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The coup leader returned to Khartoum after a visit to the UAE that lasted for 4 days, which he was accompanied in by Ministry of Finance minister Jibreel Ibrahim, Foreign Affairs minister Ali al-Saddiq, and the General Intelligence Services director Ahmad brahim Ali Mufaddhal, and others.

Saudi Visit

Media reports revealed that al-Burhan was expected to also visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after his UAE visit in order thus completing his gulf military-coup-supporting axis tour, in hopes of finding an exit from the current Sudanese crisis his own coup d’etat had caused.

Economical Partnerships

At a press conference held at the Khartoum International Airport, the Foreign Minister Ali al-Saddiq said that the UAE and Sudan had reached an agreement to hold “economical partnerships” in areas of railway tracks, roads, ports, and military cooperation.

Al-Saddiq pointed out that al-Burhan’s visit dealt with an array of topics of common interest, with an emphasis on economic aspects of cooperation between the two nations.

The visit also, as per the Foreign minister, dealt with the current situation in Sudan, and the efforts the country has been taking towards the stability of the transitional period, preparations for free elections, and delivering the country to the elected civilian government.

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