Red Sea State government holds meeting over fuel crisis

An emergency meeting of the Red Sea state government on Saturday confirmed the establishment of a joint coordination council to serve as an emergency room to solve the region’s fuel crisis.

Port Sudan: AlTaghyeer

The Red Sea State in eastern Sudan is witnessing a stifling fuel crisis following the recent increases in fuel prices .

Saturday, the state government, headed by the governor in charge of the coup authority Ali Abdullah Adrob, held an emergency meeting that took several decisions to provide and streamline the work of gas stations.

They discussed the fuel crisis and the repercussions that accompanied the previous stage, in addition to the challenges facing the problems of fuel distribution at the stations.

The meeting included, in addition to a number of government officials, oil companies operating in the state, distribution agents, and the state’s Federation of the Chamber of Transport.

The governor in charge of the oil companies and the concerned authorities briefed on reasons and repercussions that accompanied the flow of fuel supply at Port Sudan stations.

In addition, developing solutions and proposals to provide fuel at the stations, and the phenomenon of working and distributing unregulated oil derivatives, were also discussed.

During the meeting, the designated governor directed to review the suspended gas stations, and find urgent solutions to solve the crisis.

The meeting stressed the importance of the partnership between the public and private sectors and joint work with concerted efforts through a joint coordination council to solve the crisis.

Last February, gas stations implemented a new increase in fuel prices, which threatens to exacerbate the deteriorating living conditions in the country.

The military coup authorities recently passed the 2022 budget, which imposed large increases on the electricity bill.

These increases included the price of gasoline, whose liter rose from 390 to 408 pounds, while the price of a gallon of gasoline reached 390 pounds.

Gas stations attribute the increases to the depreciation of the pound against the dollar in banks and the parallel market.

The increases are expected to raise the cost of transportation, which in turn signals new increases in commodity prices.

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