Port Sudan rejects Hemedti’s visit to the region

Resistance forces begin barricading city in protest

The Coordination of the Resistance Committees in Port Sudan announced, in a statement today, its refusal of the Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti’s) visit to the region.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

“In a suspicious and surprising step, we heard the arrival of a force into the state, infiltrating at night like thieves. They are thieves,” the coordination’s statement stated, adding “we also learned that the visit involves the privatization of ports.”

The Coordination of the Port Sudan Resistance Committees confirmed that the Red Sea will remain resistant to every coup, before declaring “a complete and comprehensive blockade that begins at dawn today, along with a central procession at one o’clock in the afternoon.”

Hemedti had earlier announced a visit to Port Sudan today, Tuesday, to review work at the port.

His visit comes after his return from Moscow and his insistence on establishing a Russian military base along the Red Sea.

The coordinators of the Resistance Committees stressed their categorical rejection of this “ominous and rejected visit”, and said that “the roads of this city are too honorable for these coup-makers to tread on, these unpatriotic sellers of the homeland.”

It also condemned “the repression and brutality that took place on Monday by the security forces in this city, and tomorrow we will respond with two things.”

The committee called on “all revolutionaries, professionals, forces of the living revolution, and all members of neighborhood resistance committees in all parts of the state and its localities to go out to the streets, shouting our slogans, rejecting this visit and expelling these murderous putschists.”

The resistance forces of Port Sudan also revealed vigils will be erected in front of the port gates by professional bodies and will have support and assistance.

“We will come out in denial of yesterday’s rape,” the statement added.

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