Resistance forces condemn rape of female during protests

March planned for today decrying heinous crime

The resistance committees in Sudan condemned the rape of a girl by military forces, on Monday, in Khartoum during the 14th of March demonstrations.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Coordination of the Old Omdurman Resistance Committees called on “all the revolutionaries” to come out today, Tuesday, in the mass protests headed towards “the tyrant’s palace.”

This call for demonstration came in response to the rape of a female by “a group of 8 soldiers from the coup forces near the Al-Muslimiyya bridge” on Monday, following the processions of detainees in central Khartoum.

The coordination strongly condemned “this familiar scene” of military institutions and militias using rape as a tool of intimidation, war, and extermination throughout Sudan, and as a weapon of political violence, using the societal stigma associated with rape to reduce women’s presence in public spaces.

The statement stated that the complete and expected absence of any form of accountability and control for these “reckless forces” under the military regimes is a major factor in the increase in these crimes.

“We know, from what we saw from them in valor and steadfastness in the face of all forms of oppression, that women will not be discouraged and will not be broken by attempts of intimidation and terrorism, and we call on all the male and female revolutionaries to come out tomorrow to express our collective rejection of these attacks.”

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