US puts sanctions on Central Reserve Forces in Sudan

The US has placed the Central Reserve Forces in Sudan on its blacklist due to its violations against peaceful protesters.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Monday, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on the Central Reserve Forces in Sudan for human rights violations, accusing them of using excessive force against peaceful protesters.

Since the beginning of the protests condemning the October 25 coup last year, 89 protesters have died from security forces resorting to excessive violence when confronting them.

The United States treasury’s statement said that the Central Reserve Police has been guilty of frequently using excessive force and violence to silence activists and civilian protesters.

“We condemn the Sudanese security services for killing, harassing, and intimidating Sudanese citizens,” it added added.

The Central Reserve Forces, which have always been at the forefront of the Sudanese security forces cracking down on protesters, resorted to a “violent response” in dealing with the peaceful protests in Khartoum.

The force, colloquially known as Abu Tayra, was accused of using live bullets against demonstrators.

The US indictment of the Sudanese military force included charges for arrest, assault, and abuse.

The US sanctions would signify cutting off the forces from their weapons being supplied, and guarantee their disqualification from support and training programs.

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