Port Sudan resistance committees affirm support for Haya locality

Accuses Rapid Support Forces of looting resources in Haya

The Port Sudan Resistance Committees, in a press statement on Tuesday, said that the citizens of the city came out in several neighborhoods and barricaded streets in protest against the high transportation tariff and high prices.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Port Sudan Resistance Committees affirmed their support for the movement of the citizens of Port Sudan and its Haya locality, east of Sudan.

Five months after the October 25 coup, the country is on the verge of economic collapse.

While the value of the pound drops on a daily basis, the military authority has been constantly increasing the prices of fuel, electricity, and other goods and services.

According to the resistance committees, the Rapid Support Militia looted resources, including gold, in addition to terrorizing citizens and trespassing on property.

The protests come in the midst of a rejected visit by the Rapid Support commander to Port Sudan that lasted for five days.

The citizens voice their rejection in peaceful protest after they were “surprised by the systematic looting of land and resources,” according to the resistance committees.

The Port Sudan Resistance Committees announced their support for the local masses in Port Sudan, in obtaining their rights and deter the aggressors.

They also emphasized the right of the citizens of Haya and the various mining areas in the state of Port Sudan to use their resources to serve their interests and establish the sovereignty of their decision.

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