Teacher’s committee announces strike “98%” successful

The teacher’s committee that had announced a strike earlier revealed that the strike had a “98% success” rate.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The committee revealed that its members had all participated in the teacher’s strike that was called for on the 10th  of March.

It stressed that the teachers on protest have decided to go all the way in effort to retrieve their rights.

According to the committee, field reports in Khartoum state have estimated that the recent numbers of teachers who joined the strike have surpassed the numbers registered on Monday and Tuesday.

It indicated that the school that were open had low student attendance who were dismissed from studies due to the strike.

It also estimated the response rate for the called strike to have been 98%

The committee also noted that a number of school principals have been dismissed in some schools in Khartoum and the White Nile state.

The teacher’s committee also encouraged reporting any shakedown or blackmail attempts teachers may face to the local state chapters of the committee or to it directly through its online page.

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