Coup forces’ violence leads to 91 protester deaths in Sudan

Ibrahim Hijeir, another young Sudanese slain by the coup forces in Sudan, joins a long list of victims of Sudan’s illegitimate authority.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Central Doctor’s Committee in Sudan (non-governmental entity) has announced that the overall tally of those killed since the onset of the October 25th coup has risen to 91.

The committee announced that Ibrahim Hijeir, who was 21 years old, had died due to his injuries sustained during the January 13th protests this year.

Hijeir had spent his last remaining days in a hospital ward suffering from a bullet wound to the neck.

Security forces in Sudan have more than frequently resorted to deadly measures to crack down on protesters, among which are live bullets and gas canisters, which are launched directly at protesters.

Security forces have also resorted to running over protesters in Humvees and military trucks  on more than one occasion.

The uber-violent crackdown on protesters by the security forces has left behind hundreds of casualties and thousands of those psychologically affected.

The protests against the coup authority have entered their fifth month, with the resistance committees showing no signs of relenting.

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