Burhan advisor promises push-back against “dollar mafia”

The media advisor to the coup leader, Brigadier General Taher Abu Haga, announced strict measures to be taken to confront what he called the “dollar mafia”.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Abu Haga said in press statements that the move comes in the wake of the unprecedented decline of the Sudanese pound against the dollar during.

“This reveals the extent of the threats targeting our economic security,” he said.

He pointed out that an economic war was being waged, whose strategy was based on the use of destructive practices, the main objective of which is to “weaken, destroy, sabotage and destabilize our economy.”

Malicious Hands

Abu Haja spoke about a “malicious conspiracy” waging a war against the Sudanese economy, aiming at its “unity, livelihood and stability.”

Foreign exchange rates in Sudan witnessed unprecedented increases against the pound, amid a great shortage in supply and an insane increase in demand, which led to a never-before-seen deterioration in the local pound’s value.

The record setting deterioration of the Sudanese pound saw the dollar trading against the Sudanese pound in the parallel market for over 810 pounds.

The dollar however did record a decline in the past two days.

Since the 25th October coup of last year, led by army commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, Sudan has witnessed a terrible deterioration in all aspects of life, especially the economic aspect, with the country returning to international isolation again and economic aid by international financial organizations being suspended after the coup.

New Prices

On Saturday, the pound enjoyed a recovery against foreign currencies in the parallel market.

Dealers within the parallel market revealed a complete decline in demand for foreign currencies, indicating that the selling price of the US dollar reached 640.

On Thursday, the dollar’s selling price fell to 700 pounds, compared to 780 pounds on Wednesday, in conjunction with the announcement made by the Central Bank to re-intervene in the foreign exchange market and inject sums of foreign currency.

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