Hemedti fires RSF spokesperson, calls him “a failure”

The commander of the Rapid Support Militia, Mohammed  Hamdan Daglo (Hemedti), issued dismissed the official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, Jamal Jumaa, from his position, after accusing him of failing to manage the militia’s media.

Special: AlTaghyeer

Well-informed sources told AlTaghyeer that Hemedti dismissed Juma at the end of last week, and told those close to him that Juma was a “failure”, and that his dismissal was an important matter.

The sources confirmed that Hemedti was more insistent on dismissing Jumaa from his position and appoint a loyalist of his for the purpose of improving the Rapid Support Forces’ image.

Video evidence and testimonies had confirmed the participation of the RSF in the violent General Command sit-in dispersal on June 3, 2019, which resulted in the killing of more than 130, injury of hundreds, and disappearance of dozens, in addition to reported rapes.

Jumaa is considered one of the most prominent names involved in the sit-in dispersal .

Juma’a was originally an officer in the armed forces, who recruited by the Rapid Support Forces at the end of 2018, to serve as the official spokesman.

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