Port Sudan Ports Authority welcomes revolutionary charter

A gathering of workers and employees of the Ports Authority welcomed the revolutionary charter for the authority of the people, which was signed by 15 Sudanese states.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sea Ports Authority’s workers and employees group described, in a statement today Friday, the signing of the Revolutionary Charter for the People’s Power, as an important step that paves the way towards a “civil democratic transformation and the restoration of the people’s authority.”

The coordinators of the resistance committees in 15 Sudanese states had announced in February the signing of the revolutionary charter for the authority of the people.

The charter, according to the statement, focused on the establishment of a comprehensive constitution, peace that addresses the roots of the current Sudanese crisis, and a political system that involves the countryside and localities in political decision-making.

The charter also emphasized the restructuring of the regular forces to play their professional role while activating the role of justice to curb the violence in the country, in addition to the formation of a transitional national legislature.

The charter also stressed the need to reduce government spending by reducing the number of ministries.

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