Egyptian film star sends solidarity message to Sudanese people before April 6th

A famous Egyptian film star sent a message of solidarity to the Sudanese people before their April 6th “millions march” against the military coup, in which he expressed his hope for the day being the one where the will of the people would prevail.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Egyptian film star Amr Waked expressed his admiration for the tenacity of the Sudanese people “in the face of dictatorship.”

Waked shared a recorded video message on Twitter on Sunday in which he described Sudanese people as “brothers”, and as having become a symbol for everyone calling for freedom and justice in the region.

Resistance committees and revolutionary forces in Sudan are planning to run processions dubbed the “April 6th earthquake” rejecting the military coup and demanding the restoration of the democratic path.

The April 6th date is associated with beginning of the Armed Forces’ General Command sit-in in Khartoum in 2019, which paved the way for the overthrow of the regime of ousted Omar al-Bashir.

In his message to the Sudanese, Waked said that the people of Sudan were “the greatest reason for the existence of hope in the region today.”

The Ramy star pleaded the Sudanese people not to “believe that a military rule would benefit them from near or far” and asked them to look at the state Egypt is in due to military rule.

He also asked the Sudanese people not allow anyone describe them as “agents” or “for hire protesters” much like what was happening in Egypt.

He continued: “A strong message of solidarity from me personally and from a large broad base of the Egyptian people and the Arab peoples… I seriously hope that April 6 will be a decisive day for the people’s will and sovereignty and the return of the military to its barracks… Finally, with your love and respect, and God grant you victory.”

The Egyptian international actor, Amr Waked, has shown strong admiration and support for the Sudanese revolution, and has continuously encouraged the Sudanese to benefit from the mistakes of other revolutions, especially the Egyptian one.

Waked had also wrote an earlier letter of solidarity to the Sudanese people, in which he said that “…our hopes are with you, and our prayers are with you, and may God help you.”

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