Teachers’ Committee calls for sit-in infront of Ministry of Finance

Sudan’s Teachers’ Committee have called for a protest sit-in today in front of the headquarters of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Khartoum, and state finance ministries, to denounce the salary structure they had described as “disfigured”, and to demand an increase in the minimum wage, all while continuing their strike.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Teachers’ Committee called on all paid workers, especially teachers, to participate in the sit-in, which the committee called for today, Monday, in front of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning’s headquarters.

In a press statement, the committee called on workers in the states to carry out protest in front of state finance ministries in protest against the newly announced salary structure that the Ministry of Finance began implementing.

The committee also confirmed its strike, which began on March 10, throughout the current week, until Thursday, April 7.

On Sunday, the committee held a press conference regarding the strike, during which it affirmed its adherence to it.

The committee noted the ministry’s use of the weapon of arbitrary transfers and dismissals against teachers committed to the strike, and called on parents to “consider the teacher”, who aspires to a decent life.

The committee emphasized that it was “revolutionary,” not established by a political decision.

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