Opinions from the Sudanese public on the 6th of April

The 6th of April, a date which coincides with the anniversary of the April 1985 revolution that ended late President Jaafar Nimeiri’s reign as ruler, and Omar al-Bashir on the same date in 2019.

Khartoum: Fath al-Rahman Hamouda

The Sudanese public is looking forward to a repeat in scenario, hoping for the 6th of April to be the final day for coup leader and army commander Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan’s illegitimate rule over the country.

In this regard, AlTaghyeer asked some of the younger revolutionaries questions regarding the date and th objective behind the 6th April movements. Their views differed, but they all agreed on the necessity of “overthrowing the coup.”

Defeating the coup

Protester and revolutionary Muhammad Mahmoud described the 6th as the real beginning of the “national alignment” process and stressed that the movement will not stop until complete overthrow of authoritarian concepts that have been standing in the way since the Sudanese state’s formation.

Different Expectations

Mona Muhammad, another protesters, said that she does not expect that the sixth of April will be a decisive day, and the leader of the coup and – his deputy may – not step down, and that “death and looting in the streets may not stop on this day, and the gallows and courts will not be set up for the murderers and thieves.”

Mona remarked that not every detainee may get the freedom they deserve, “but it will definitely be a historical day that will accompany other stories regarding to the heroism of the revolutionaries.”

Fears and Hopes

Mustafa Hassan believes that history may repeat itself on the 6th of April in favor of the political forces provided they “work to lead the scene by imposing a historical settlement.”

He expressed his optimism for a significant change in the political scene and stipulated that political steps be taken in a similar manner to how resistance committees work.

Continuing the Movement

The revolutionary Abdel Azim Muhammad does not believes so called “honorable members of the armed forces” would emerge to the citizen’s aid finally and said that “the movement must continue even if the coup falls in order to achieve our immediate goals.”

Hundreds of thousands of Sudanese in the capital, Khartoum, and other states, are preparing to go out on the 6th, heeding resistance committees’ calls to overthrow the al-Burhan coup that took place on the 25th October of last year and claimed “91” souls due to uberviolent security forces’ crackdown on peaceful protesters.

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