Weather forecast predicts light temperature increase

The Meteorological Authority’s early warning unit has predicted temperatures to rise slightly in most parts of the country, lately of 40 Celsius and above, with dust winds expected in separate parts of the western Red Sea State. Sporadic light rains have been predicted for parts east and south of the country.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The unit said in the daily weather forecast issued Saturday said that amount of deepening thermal depression in Sudan was the .

The weather is expected to be clear and sunny in Wadi Halfa, Abu Hamad, Port Sudan, Halayeb, Dongola, Karima, Atbara, Shendi, Khartoum, Kassala, Halfa Al Jadeeda, Wad Madani, El Fasher and Zalingei.

For the following places, the weather is predicted to be cloudy: Al-Duwaim, Al-Qadarif, Sennar, Al-Geneina, Al-Abyad, Kosti, Umm Al-Baneen, Abu Naama, Al-Nuhoud, Nyala, Rashad, Al-Damazin, Al-Dayen and Babanusa.

Noticeable wind movement might take place in Shalateen, while  Kadugli might witness rain showers at night.

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