Coup authority says stronger action against journalism “red lines”

The coup authority is preparing red lines for media work in Sudan.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Monday, media advisor to the leader of the coup in Sudan, Brigadier Taher Abuhaga, revealed a list of joint reservations shared between him and Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, that factored into the dismissal of Luqman Ahmed as Director of the Public Authority for Radio and Television.

Luqman was dimissed by Al-Burhan in favor of Ibrahim Al-Baz’i .

In an article circulating on social media, Abu Haja accused the fired TV director of “harnessing the official state channel, clearly using it and exploiting it against the state, against the government and against the head of state.”

He said that Luqman deliberately “conveniently looked past the news of the armed forces, showing no care for the liberation of Al-Fashqa, and the officisl visits made by the military leadership.”

“The television opened up the way for the armed forces and their leaders to be exposed in an ugly manner,” Abu Haja continued.

He pledged to “set red lines to ensure that the armed forces are not harmed” and that “the press code of honor, and the regulations governing the work of all media channels and others will be implemented.”

Al-Burhan’s advisor went on to state that the procedures exlected to be implemented do not indicate limiting freedoms, but rather they are intended to reduce the “misunderstanding of freedoms and publishing crimes.”

The period after October 25th witnessed an attack on freedoms and the media.

Journalists were beaten, arrested and robbed, and violent security forces stormed into headquarters of television stations and news agencies.

Luqman Ahmed had been returned to his position, after the short lived Hamdok-Burhan agreement.

Luwman however remained head director for Sudanese television, despite Hamdok’s resignation last January.

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