Haaretz: Israel must condemn Sudan coup

According to Haaretz, in order for Sudan to “function properly as a democracy”, the authorities in Israel need to make their position regarding the coup clear.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

Nasredeen Abdulbari, writing for Haaretz, said that the diplomatic visits made between Sudanese military heads of state and Israeli diplomats were hurtful for Israel’s image in Sudan.

According to the report, these visits were perceived in Sudan “as proof of Israel’s support for the military leaders, which will have a negative impact on the opinions of the public and pro-democracy forces in Sudan regarding normalization in the coming years.”

Israel, according to Abdulbari, needs to clarify its position regarding the October 25th coup for the sake of international relations, as what other western powers had did right after the coup took place.

Despite the security cooperation with Israel having resulted in al-Burhan declaring the arrest of “terrorist groups” that could have caused unrest in Sudan, the Haaretz report argues that the present unconstitutional situation in Sudan is a threat to the country and the region’s security and stability.

The unrelenting popular opposition against the autocratic army state is strong, persistent, and will only get stronger, and this, according to Abdulbari, perpetuate the political and security instability in which terrorists operate and thrive..

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