Empowerment Removal Committee calls for protest vigil across Sudan

The now disbanded Empowerment Removal Committee in Sudan called for protest vigils in “all cities and villages” in the country next Wednesday.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Committee to Dismantle the Regime of the 30th June 1989 and to Restore Public Funds in Sudan announced a protest vigil for  Wednesday 20 April.

Coup leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan froze the committee’s work after his coup on October 25th, and formed a separate committee to review its work.

The frozen committee said in a press statement on Sunday that the protest will take place in “the various cities and villages of Sudan,” adding that “at the moment the response is made, all streets are to be blocked.”

The empowerment removal committee explained that the protest comes “to confirm the continuation of the revolutionary action until the overthrow of the coup, and to confirm that the dismantling of the June 30, 1989 regime as the revolution’s central.”

It indicated that the timing of the stop and the places to stop will be determined later, and called on all revolutionary forces to contribute to supporting and organizing this event in cities and villages.

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