National Ummah says new agreement does not represent national unity

Party says leader Barma Nasser signed agreement without presenting it to party

The National Umma Party said that party head Major General Barma Nasser had signed the Sudanese document for the management of the transitional period without presenting it to the party’s institutions, while declaring that the document does not represent the “national nation.”

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

“Therefore, this signature does not represent the position of the party’s institutions,” the National Umma Party announced in a statement signed by its Secretary-General, Al-Wathiq al-Breir.

On Tuesday, a group of parties signed what was called the Sudanese consensual document for managing the transitional period, and the document approved the acceptance of a settlement with the military component which took power in Sudan during the October 25th coup.

The signing of the Sudanese Consensual Document for the Management of the Transitional Period came as part of the initiative out forward by the the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies and the Center for Peace and Development Studies at Bahri University.

National Crisis

The statement explained that the National Umma Party pursued communication with all political forces out to get Sudan “out of the national crisis” and indicated that the party launched a broad consultation process on the current situation in the country.

It also announced its efforts to form a broad national front to eliminate the coup and restore civil and democratic rule.

The head of the party signed a document which was not presented to the party institutions, and therefore this signature does not represent the institutions’ position,” the Ummah said.

The statement stressed that the declared position of the National Umma Party was clear, based on the road map the party had announced in December 2021, and approved by its institutions.

“We assure public opinion that the party supports all initiatives that call for achieving the goals of the revolution and will not be a party to any initiative that does not end the coup and restore civil rule,” the statement added.

Barma Clarifies

For his part, the head of the National Umma Party, Fadlallah Barma Nasser, acknowledged his “participation in a forum called for by the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies, and the Center for Peace and Development Studies at Bahri University” on Tuesday afternoon.

 “We affirm that we in the National Umma Party are not part of a new political incubator, and we are committed to uniting the Sudanese rank and the words of the forces of the revolution through what was stated in our vision..,” Barma said.

“…the road map launched by our party last January was one of the first initiatives calling for an end to the coup and a return to the path of civil democratic transformation,” he added.

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